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Cavendish Triangle with values png home pageCavendish is one of the UK’s leading Flexographic and Gravure printing ink manufacturers.

We specialise in formulating high quality, bespoke and specialist inks and coatings for a growing range of applications.

We will meet your precise requirements – if we don’t already have what you need, we’ll produce it.

Our goal is to give you a competitive edge by providing quality inks and coatings that allow you to create the right impression with your customers every time.

We have a total commitment to client satisfaction and promise:

  • products that meet your needs exactly
  • highly qualified technical advice and support
  • fast order production and delivery
  • first class, friendly service
  • value for money.

We are renowned for our ability to find a solution to every need and helping clients meet even their stiffest printing challenges.

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Whats new

Scrub-resistant Waterbased Varnish

3 March, 2015

At Cavendish we have developed a waterbased overprint varnish designed to give high gloss and unbeatable water-resistance. In fact when applied to a conventional wallpaper it provides such a high level of protection that the coated wallpaper can subsequently pass scrub tests designed for vinyl wall coverings! It is applied just like any other waterbased […]

Anti-fungal Fence paint

Have you ever wished you could get truly anti-fungal fence paint? Many products promise this but six months or a year later the green returns! We will be posting some “before-and-after” photos of Mary’s garden fence in the next few days, where you will see a three-year-old fence half-treated with a fence paint prepared by […]

Sorry for the delay

24 February, 2015

We haven’t said much in the past few months – sorry about that! Watch this space and we’ll soon catch up!